Celebrate the Overlooked

Challenge 3

Thanks for the likes and shares so far. 

I’m aware that many families have yet to start fully isolating and so we are a few days ahead here, it’s made me realise if you are following the Daily Drawing Diary that as the days go by people may start at different points, this is fine. If you miss some or don’t like one of these exercises then don’t worry, please use them as a resource for when you need some creative time. 

Today’s exercise is inspired by the ordinary and also Michael Craig Martin. I received his book On Being An Artist last week as birthday present and it’s well worth a read. I’m also fan of his super clean line drawings. He takes ordinary objects, simplifies, enlarges and then recolours them in bright colours. I thought it would be worth us celebrating those ordinary objects that we have around our houses / flats and using them as today’s subject. 

Exercise – find a product that has suddenly gained more relevance during the corona lockdown and use it as your object to draw.

MATERIALS – Pencil, paper (I used A4), colouring pencils & a black highlighter pen.

1. Find an object – I used a bottle of antibacterial hand soap. 
2. Draw a feint simple drawing of it. (There are two approaches here, trying to do an exact representation with everything in proportion or just go for it. Let it be wonky but try and make shapes that can then be blocked off in colour.) I kept my shapes quite simple rather than adding in too many different details. 
3. Once you have a feint outline chose some colours, I used whatever I could find in my children’s pencil case and then coloured in the different shapes. 
4. I also coloured in the background and a foreground. 
5. Highlight the edges in black, it makes it quite crisp and brings the whole thing together. 

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