Line Reduction Drawings

Day 10 

Life got in the way yesterday so there was no day 9.

Considering we’re all supposed to be at home doing not a lot, trying to homeschool and work at the same time makes life complicated and busy! 

Today is about looking at trying to work out what’s important and reducing things down. The is a saying that “less is more” which I always thought Matisse had said but actually it gets accredited to Robert Browning in 1855 and further back Pliny The Younger who stated “Multum, non multa.”

Challenge 9 

1. Create a drawing in your normal way. 
2. Redraw it limiting the amount of lines you use to 50
3. Repeat it with 25 lines 
4. Repeat using 10 lines 
5. Repeat using only 5 lines

I’ve used a fish drawing I’ve just created as part of a commission but you can do it with anything. 

Have fun, this is a good way to free up your drawing style.

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