First Day of New School

Challenge 6

For millions of people all around the UK it’s the start of term at their children’s new school. For the first time since 1880 children aren’t able to attend school run by the government, instead being schooled at home. It’s going to be a challenge, parents and carers juggling work from home, running the house, the new world of isolation and the fear and anxiety that comes along with our current communal situation. We’re a few days into our new school work having started it last Wednesday. It’s been intriguing so far, questions arise very quickly, do you keep to the normal school hours? Do you keep to a strict timetable? Follow the curriculum or use it as an opportunity to let the kids follow their interests? What are the opportunities to have some fun? 

We’re lucky enough to have my studio close to the house, so we’ve converted it into a classroom. It’s slightly chaotic but it’s also an adventure! 

However I’m also gaining an interesting assortment of items on my desk, this made me think about the start of term and the things we have in preparation for our new school job or adventure. 


1. Take a moment to collect the things that you find around you as you sit down to start your work day and draw them out. 
2. Lay them out in a way that would befit an exhibition display. 
3. I used pencil for this and tried keep things quite clean and simple. You can annotate them if you wish, you’ll look back at these drawings with a fondness at some point in the future and so adding in some text can bring some humour. 

On my desk I now have a small bunny rabbit, badge, a potato gun, a Mr Happy pencil case alongside a mouse, bank card reader, mouth organ and a pocket knife.

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