Daily Drawing Diary is Back

Challenge 1 – One Line Release 

It’s been a crazy few days and I’ve never known anything like it. So many large decisions and worries for everyone in such short periods of time. Things will change and we’re all going to be at home a lot. 

Fifteen years ago I created something called the Daily Drawing Diary. I drew everyday and posted online. This was way before Insta and Facebook and it was an amazing practice. Life got in the way, so it stopped and I’ve always been meaning to start it again. Now seems the perfect opportunity, but it’s slightly different this time. This time you’ll do it with me. It’s not about how good something looks or whether it’s perfect, it’s about the act of drawing and posting it in the visitors posts for others to see. See it as a short respite to the whirlwind of the rest of life. 

Alongside my drawing I’m going to try and include an exercise each day which is suitable for all drawing levels including young kids. ( We have a five & eight year old and so am wanting to include them in this too.) 

DAY 1 

MATERIALS – Pen / Pencil / Crayon Piece of A4 / A3 Paper 

PURPOSE – We are all filled with a lot of tension and this will show in your drawings. This exercise is aimed to release that a little bit and to try take a few things out of our busy brains and release them onto paper. 


Draw a continuous line keeping your pencil fully on the paper at all times. Draw anything, what you see, what’s in your head, words that pop onto the page. This is not at all about how it looks just a visual brain release. 

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