Making Wrong Drawings

Challenge 2

As things continue to unfold with COVID 19 and more of us are having to isolate, it’s going to be increasingly important to find time for our creativity. This is not just for those that have careers or have been trained in the creative arts but for all of us. We will have time now to make this more of a priority than ever before. It’ll be good for you and also your family too. 

Creativity is something we need to find time for, to engage with and to develop. The more we do, the better we get. It can be frustrating at first as it can feel chaotic and undirected, however it’s important to know that experiments, questioning and going “wrong” is never a waste of time, it’s all part of the practice. Doing something differently and “failing” is more constructive than doing the same thing over and over again in the same way and getting the same results. The brilliant thing about developing your creativity and pushing your own barriers is that it’s so accessible and there are no end to the outcomes that are possible. 

The biggest hurdle for many is worrying about how the things you create look. We see amazing images all the time and are told how good they are, this can paralyse us. The exercises that I’m sharing with you on the Daily Drawing Diary are intended to help get over that. To see that currently the process is more important than the product. 

Day 2’s Exercise is to draw your portrait with your wrong hand.

MATERIALS – Pen / Pencil & a piece of A5 / A4 Paper. You’ll also need a mirror. 

Set yourself up with a pen / dark pencil / charcoal and paper. I wouldn’t go too big with the paper, I used a fountain pen and my A5 sketchbook. Probably best to get yourself a cup / glass of something too as this next bit might be a bit challenging! 

Get a mirror and place it behind the paper. Now pick your pen up with your wrong hand and start drawing. You’re going to have to look at yourself a lot. Draw what you see, but using the hand you don’t normally draw with. It’s important to use something that can’t be erased so that you are careful how you place your marks on the paper. Spend lots of time looking before putting marks down. It’s going to be hard to get things to coordinate, and be in the right position, your lines will be wrong too. However you should start to enjoy drawing sections of it, small passages will work and you’ll lose yourself in them. 

For kids the wrong hand thing might be difficult for the younger ones. For them just get them to try follow the outlines of parts of their face using their normal hand will be fine. You’re wanting to break them from drawing what they think an eye or nose should be and better to get them to try draw what they see. 

Let me know how it goes and send me your pictures.

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