In these times of uncertainty we might as well draw…..

Let’s get our pencils out, we’re all going to be inside whether by ourselves or with our loved ones so we might as well all do some drawing together. Who cares how good it is, whether it looks right or what people think. This is a challenge for everyone; not just those of you who have been trained in some form of art. It’ll be good for you, for us and might take a little bit of the stress away.

The rules are simple, you have to draw something everyday whilst we are in lock down. I’ll aim to post everyday as well and give some tips for some simple exercises. Please post your works too and ask your kids/ loved ones to do it whilst you’re at it.

I want to us to have a little respite from COVID 19, to think about ways of keeping a little bit calm at least for part of my day and this is an attempt to give that a go.

I look forward to seeing what we produce

Rob Pepper

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