The Daily Drawing Diary began life back in 2005 as an integral part of my art practice. For four years I religiously drew, scanned and posted what was made that day and put it online. As life changed so did the Drawing Diary and through the years it’s stopped and started but I have always kept a record of the images I create. Some stay as drawings, some turn into paintings whilst others become designs for public artwork or licenses to adorn products. Whatever it turns into it always starts with an intimate pen and ink line drawing. 

Hands For All

Day 13 I apologise for the delay in getting the next diary entry out, it’s a strange time for all of us and plans don’t

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Mothering Sunday

Challenge 5 – Mothering Sunday (UK)  Happy Mother’s Day  Today is all about celebrating and honouring the mother, as well as motherhood, maternal connections and

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Challenge 4 – Spring  We’re settling into our life in isolation, as a family there is a semblance of routine beginning to happen however there

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