The Tale of the Dragon Wall, Shanghai

Materials: Oil on Canvas
Size: 230cm x 130cm
Date: 2019

Shanghai has become Rob’s home in China. It’s a place that delights, excites and intrigues him. A truly international city that is dynamic, full of history and intrigue. There has always been a connection between London and Shanghai and that connection continues today with a flow of business, artists, students, ideas and culture. However it’s also a place that is full of friendship and experiences that makes Rob’s relationship with China very authentic.

The Tale of the Dragon Wall, sees Rob use areas of old Shanghai and combining them with the world renowned Skyline. Mixing the old with the new. He is always looking for glimpses of where the traditional and contemporary meet and finding ways to represent them in art.

Shanghai has become a second home, a place of inspiration, opportunity and friendship. I love how closely related it has become with London, a constant flow of ideas, people and culture.

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