The Tale of the Corner Tower, Beijing

The complex of the Forbidden City numbers over 900 buildings, although many are known worldwide there is always more to discover and more glimpses and views to uncover. The Corner Tower has a great story about the Emperor Zhu Di who decided to move the capitol from Nanjing to Beijing. He asked for four special towers to be built in each corner of the new complex. The craftsmen couldn’t find a solution to the design until they came upon a cricket seller who had beautiful cages to house them. The design fitted the brief and the Corner Towers were made.

Behind the Hutongs you can see contemporary China with the world renown architecture of the Bird’s Nest Stadium, the CCTV Headquarters and World Trade Centre III.

There are a many stories of artists finding inspiration in what seems like lucky meetings. But artists are trained in looking, and pointing out what already exists and representing it in new lights.

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